Design & Sell Shirts, Raising Money for a Cause

With Ink The Cause you are allowing people to contribute to a cause; and in turn show their support by wearing a tee and sharing it on social media. We take care of everything from printing to shipping at no risk to you.

How It Works

All Causes Get Inked & Funded

The process is risk free, simple, and FREE. Here’s how it works!

  • Design a shirt using our free online designer by uploading your own art work or contacting us and have our design team design something for you.
  • Promote your Ink The Cause via your networks and on social media. We will send out your cause through our networks earning max exposure for your cause. So if you don’t have friends, we do!
  • You set your own price and will earn on everything that sells. Profits will vary depending on the total sold, but you will collect a profit after the first sale.

Ink The Cause Has Helped Thousands

As an alternative to baking lasagna for a friend or giving money to a fund on a web site, ITC allows friends & strangers to unite for a cause!

  • Thousands of dollars has been awarded to various causes around the country. Some see success in the tens of thousands that can make a mega difference.
  • The average campaign sells 132 shirts, but remember,  all campaigns earn something. The most successful campaigns have great designs, big hearts, and leverage their networks.
  • We have printed and shipped thousands of shirts — some brilliantly designed and others, well – its the cause that counts and every cause gets Inked!

Featured Campaign


Channing has had some issues since birth. He is almost 2 years old. On June 18, Heather and Michael received a call from daycare stating that they thought he had a seizure and he was rushed to Riley Hospital. Riley ran tests on Channing and on June 19, a MRI showed that it was Chiari Malformation Syndrome. They scheduled Channing for brain decompression surgery on July 27. He has came through surgery well but has a long road ahead of him as the surgery can only help with the symptoms, not cure him. A brief definition is a condition in which brain tissue extends into the spinal canal. This causes him to be in a lot of pain, developmental delays, breathing and swallowing issues, balance issues and sleep apnea…to name a few. He is a true warrior and we are #ChanningStrong!!

Success Stories

Harrison Strong: Friends Helping Friends

A group of friends got together to raise money for a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. It started with an idea of support and quickly grew into a show of support and love. Jenny Brooking contacted Ink The Cause in hopes to sell a few tshirts for her good friend. 250 shirts and $1500 later, Jenny was able to bring her group of friends (and even some strangers) together to show support. But there is much more to Ink The Cause than the money. Jenny says, “Being able to give a donation to help cover Harrison’s medical expenses is one thing, but once people received their shirts and started posting pictures on Facebook Harrision could see how many people joined together to support him.”

I’m Sold, Lets Get Started!